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New Prime Drilling PD60/33
New Prime Drilling PD60/33
AMS No-Dig have recently taken delivery of a brand new Prime Drilling PD60/33 horizontal directional drilling rig.

This rig adds to AMS No-Dig's existing fleet which includes a Prime Drilling PD250 (250 tonne pull back force) 'Maxi Drilling' rig, and a wide range of Vermeer and PowerBore horizontal directional drilling rigs. The new PD60/33 rig has a torque of 33,000 Nm, which combined with the 60 tonne pull back force means that drill shots with length of up to 1000m and pipe diameters of up to 1000 mm are possible. For more information about this rig and its capabilities, or if you would like to discuss a forthcoming project which you think AMS No-Dig may be able to help you with, please contact AMS No-Dig!

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River Medina Project
River Medina Project
AMS No-Dig have recently featured in the latest edition of UK Water Projects - a magazine and website featuring articles and case studies relating to major water projects. To view the River Medina article, click here, or to view all case studies that AMS No-Dig have been involved in, click here.

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Terebro now part of AMS No-Dig Ltd
Terebro now part of AMS No-Dig Ltd
Terebro has recently become part of AMS No-Dig Ltd and will now operate as Terebro, a trading name of AMS No-Dig Ltd. Terebro has been fully integrated into AMS No-Dig Ltd, and will continue to offer hire of specialist Auger Boring rigs. For more information on Terebro and the services offered, please contact Jamie Priestley, Terebro Project Manager on 01724 855501 or Email: jamie.priestley@amsnodig.com

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New 250 Tonne Rig
New 250 Tonne Rig
AMS No-Dig have recently purchased a new PD250-RP directional drilling rig. This rig enhances our already comprehensive fleet, and increases our capabilites up to 250 Tonnes (2500kN) pull-back force. This new directional drilling rig comes complete with its own control cabin, bentonite pumping unit, mixing unit and mud recycling unit.

Technical Details:
Pull Force: 2500kN (250 Tonnes)
Torque: 90kNm
Power: 480kW
Weight: 32 Tonnes

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Used Drilling Equipment For Sale
Used Drilling Equipment For Sale
The 'For Sale' section of our website has recently been updated. It now shows a wider range of the equipment that we currently have available for sale, including more pictures, and videos.

There is also selected package deals offering a drilling rig, lorry with trailer, mixing units, rods and everything that you need to get started in Horizontal Directional Drilling, they even come with a full tank of fuel!

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New ISO Standards
New ISO Standards
AMS No-Dig have recently successfully undertaken a series of rigourous audits, achieving the following new accreditations:
  • ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 18001: Health and Safety Management Systems
These accreditations are added to our existing status as Link-Up and UVDB approved conttractors.

These accreditations are evidence of AMS No-Dig's continued committment to providing the best quality and service to our customers.

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New Website
New Website

AMS No-Dig have just launched their brand new website.  

As well has having a complete overhall and redesign, the new site includes many new and interesting features, including:

If you have any comments about the new AMS No-Dig Website, please contact us

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